One key feature of iPubSci is that it would provide immediate, affordable access to the millions of articles that the for-profit publishers have locked away behind a paywall in their archives. Despite numerous discussions with open access advocates, I have not heard of a single plan that would enable researchers to gain access to this key resource in the scientific literature.

If the concept of iPubSci appeals to you, here’s what you can do!

Please go to our Facebook
page, click on the Like link, and share your comments about iPubSci. We are hoping to get thousands of scientists and others who have difficulty affording and accessing the scientific literature to do this. This will send a strong signal to potential developers of iPubSci as well as the journal publishers that there is widespread support for this new model.

iPubSci is not a trivial undertaking, as explained in an Op-Ed article I wrote. Only a few organizations, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft will have the intellectual and financial capacity to put this together. If you have a contact at one of these companies, or know of another organization that might take this on, please forward either a link to this site or a copy of my Op-Ed article describing iPubSci. Let’s generate some interest!

Consider publishing your articles in open access journals. Doing so will put additional pressure on for-profit journal publishers to make a deal and support the
iPubSci model.

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